Tea Science Tuesday


September 6, 2019

A flyer with an image of a tea farm in the background.  Flyer reads "Live on tuesdays 9:00 EDT.Tea Science Tuesday. Drink & Learn.  Sept. 10 - Caffeine.  Sept 17 - Aftertaste.  Sept 24 - Aroma.  Oct 1 - But-bitten tea

Tea Science Tuesdays are Instagram live streams where I’ll talk informally about some aspect of tea science while enjoying some tea. Each week, there will be a topic, a suggested tea if you want to drink along, and a suggested “reading” (sometimes a video).

Live streams will be at 9:00 AM eastern time @leafyeric. I know that time is probably not good for many people, but don’t worry, the streams will be saved and pinned to my Instagram profile and uploaded to a YouTube playlist so you can watch them later.

Here’s the “syllabus” for the next few weeks:

Date Topic Tea Reading
10-Sep Caffeine White tea [tinyurl.com/n7vdbfr](http://tinyurl.com/n7vdbfr)
17-Sep Aftertaste Raw puer or any green tea [tinyurl.com/y626ey8x](http://tinyurl.com/y626ey8x)*
24-Sep Aroma Any puer or oolong [youtu.be/uQMAwdARADM](http://youtu.be/uQMAwdARADM)
1-Oct ~~Bug-bitten tea~~ ~~Eastern Beauty oolong~~ [tinyurl.com/y6yvnmrn](http://tinyurl.com/y6yvnmrn)
15-Oct Theanine Gyokuro or sencha [tinyurl.com/y5722po4](http://tinyurl.com/y5722po4)
8-Oct Climate change and tea Your choice! [tinyurl.com/yy6be5lb](http://tinyurl.com/yy6be5lb)
22-Oct Fermented tea Ripe puer or any dark tea [tinyurl.com/yxhpmn95](http://tinyurl.com/yxhpmn95)
29-Oct Aged tea Something old NA
5-Nov Water for tea Your choice! NA

* The full article is behind a paywall. DM me if you need help finding it.